Song of the Oceans

DOSI members collaborate with the arts to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean

“Song of the Oceans” is a collaboration between science and the arts to raise public awareness of the importance of the ocean for us all. It was composed by Paul Mealor, known for his work for the wedding of Prince William and Kate. The words are written by internationally-acclaimed poet, Dr Grahame Davies, and informed by deep-sea researchers Marcel Jaspers and Abbe Brown, professors of the University of Aberdeen and members of DOSI. Learn more about the Song here. You can also listen to a podcast with scientist, lawyer, poet and composer HERE.

Marcel Jaspars is co-lead of the DOSI Marine Genetic Resources working group – you can find out more about the work this group does HERE to ensure robust science informs discussions about the fair and equitable use of marine genetic resources, as well as the sustainable management of biodiversity in the deep sea.