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Climate Change in the Deep Ocean
webinar on climate change in the deep ocean

About the webinar

Climate change is altering coastal marine communities at an unprecedented scale and pace.  We now know that deep-ocean ecosystems are also being affected.  How are they being affected and  why is it relevant for humankind? What can be done to reduce the impact? These questions will be central in the Webinar “Climate change in the deep ocean: why does it matter?” which is moderated by deep-ocean student Michelle Guraieb with a panel Q&A hosted by experts Lisa Levin (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA) and Moriaki Yasuhara (Swire Institute of Marine Science, Hong Kong). Specialists in the fields of deep-ocean organisms and ecosystems will provide a thought-provoking introduction to climate change in the deep ocean (see biographies below). The value of the deep ocean to human society will be discussed as well as potential tools for mitigation of climate change effects. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and moderators throughout the event.

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Laurent Bopp

Laurent is a CNRS Senior Scientist at the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, and director of the Geosciences Departement at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. His interests include ocean carbon - climate interactions and climate change impacts on marine ecosystems.

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Yoshihisa Shirayama

Yoshihisa Shirayama (Shira) is Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University. His interests include ecology and taxonomy of meiobenthos especially in the deep sea, ocean acidification and environmental impact assessment of human activities on the deep-sea ecosystem.

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Ana Colaço

Ana Colaço is a Researcher at Okeanos-IMAR-University of Azores, Portugal. Her interests include the ecology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents and other vulnerable marine ecosystems, understand the human impacts on the deep-sea and the use of science to policy.

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Cymie Payne

Cymie Payne is associate professor of law and human ecology at Rutgers University, and the chair of the IUCN-World Commission on Environmental Law Specialist Group on Ocean, Coasts and Coral Reefs.

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Michelle Guraieb

Michelle Guraieb studied Marine Science and Geography at the University of Sydney, Australia. She is interested in pursuing a master’s in oceanography to study the effects of anthropogenic activity on marine ecosystems.

Lisa Levin

Lisa Levin is a Distinguished Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, USA. Her interests include the ecology of deep-sea continental margins, ocean deoxygenation, and application of deep-sea science to policy

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Moriaki Yasuhara profile

Moriaki Yasuhara

Moriaki Yasuhara is an associate professor of Environmental Science in the School of Biological Sciences and the Swire Institute of Marine Science at the University of Hong Kong.

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With many thanks to the speakers as well as the DOSI Climate Change WG Webinar Committee for making this event happen: Michelle Guraieb, Henk-Jan Hoving, Ana Colaço, Lisa Levin, Moriaki Yasuhara, Hannah Sharman and Maria Baker.