Challenger 150

Proposed UN Ocean Decade Programme for deep-sea biological research
Challenger 150 UN Decade of Ocean Science, Deep-sea biology

Challenger 150: A roadmap to address UN Ocean Decade Objectives

(Extracted from a poster presentation by Howell et al. (2020) delivered at eDSBS)

The Ocean Decade will commence on the 1st January 2021, and represents an ambitious global effort to deliver “the science we need for the ocean we want”. The deep-sea biology community, via the Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (SCOR) WG 159, and Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative Decade (DOSI) WG, have considered what is needed to address the Ocean Decade objectives, set out in the Ocean Decade Implementation Plan. We contend that a new coordinated ten-year programme to enact our recommendations is essential if we are to move to a more sustainable future for our deep ocean. We propose ‘Challenger 150’ and call on the deep sea biology community to help make this happen. Click on the poster below for further information regarding this programme.

Challenger 150: A Blueprint for a Decade to Study Deep-Sea Life

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How can I get involved with Challenger 150?

Sign up to the DOSI network, making sure to tick “Decade of Deep-Ocean Science” when asked if you would like to join a working group. SIGN UP HERE. We hold regular meetings to plan the next steps, so look out for emails! If you have a funded project you think could contribute, please add to the google-sheet HERE.

How can I follow what DOSI is up to?

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also head to Network News for the latest updates from the DOSI network.