Task Force for the Conservation of Deep-Ocean Biodiversity

Deep-Ocean Biodiversity

Image courtesy of Anna Metaxas, Martha Nizinski and ROPOS

As the biodiversity crisis mounts, there is an increasing need for deep-sea experts to proactively inform and guide nature-based solutions. This new Task Force for the Conservation of Deep-Ocean Biodiversity, launched by Anna Metaxas and Diva Amon, will take on that need for issues from high-level biodiversity policy to effective MPA design.

Since integrity of deep-ocean biodiversity is a core element of every DOSI Working Group, this Task Force will incorporate knowledge, conservation issues and solutions across Working Groups into broadly applicable actions that can then be modified as needed by individual Working Groups according to their areas of expertise. To achieve integration across Working Groups, the Task Force will also establish a liaison from each Working Group who will maintain a two-way exchange of knowledge.
Some initial talking points for the Task Force include:

  • Knowledge is limited but should not limit stewardship
  • The deep sea supports the health of our planet
  • The deep sea is connected to the surface and the coasts
  • The deep sea is being impacted by human activities
  • Spatial protection and management are needed, such as 3D highly-protected large-scale MPAs that are “climate smart”
  • Capacity transfer is urgently needed to address scientific and policy-related knowledge inequities to achieve global impact and effect transformative change

If you are interested in participating in the new Task Force, please contact leads Diva Amon and Anna Metaxas. All who are interested are welcome to join.


Task Force Activities