Deep-Ocean Stewardship

Human impact on deep-sea ecosystems

Figure from Ramirez-Llodra et al. 2011. PLoS ONE.

A global issue

Deep-ocean biodiversity supports critical ecosystem functions and services including nutrient regeneration, carbon sequestration and a living library of genetic resources that may hold benefits to humans and the key to future adaptation. Yet, while out of sight, the deep-ocean is not beyond the reach of human activities, the effects of which are accelerating and often nebulous (see left).

Gaps abound in deep-ocean governance; most legal frameworks, both national and international, lack essential mechanisms to manage and protect ocean resources. Furthermore, many countries with deep-water resources lack the expertise to support sustainable management and protection, while in international waters there is no consistent application of environmental assessment approaches. There is a real risk that the deep ocean will become further industrialized without sufficient environmental planning.

The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) is a global union of experts from across disciplines and sectors who pool research, skills and expertise to inform and advise on sustainable deep-ocean governance and management of resources, working to safeguard the marine environment for current and future generations.

The DOSI Network

The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) is a global network of experts who practice deep ocean science, governance and other activities, although predominantly deep-sea ecology.   We were born from collaborations formed during the Census of Marine Life (2000-2010) and the desire among several deep-ocean scientists to make their research count at the policy level. This network formed to develop new ideas for sustainable use and management of deep-ocean resources. The DOSI Core Team serve on a voluntary basis in their personal capacity.  The team is made up of 5 Executive Board Members, 16 Advisory Board Members and 19 Topic (Working Group) Leads who collectively oversee, guide and support the work of DOSI.  Joining is free and information relevant to deep ocean science-policy engagement is shared.  Our guidance and terms of reference documentation is available for further information.

Our Vision

DOSI’s vision is a healthy deep ocean able to contribute to the wider Earth system, through its sustainable management informed by independent science.

Our Mission

DOSI’s mission is to utilise independent scientific findings about the deep ocean to support its ecosystem-based management and integrate other fields of expertise in the development of deep-ocean strategies and solutions.

Who is DOSI funded by?

Without the generous support of our funders, we would not be able to carry out this important work brining impartial science advice to policy makers. We would like to thank: