Photos From the Deep

Using images to support deep-ocean science

A lithodid crab stands at attention. Photo courtesy of  Malcolm Clark, NIWA, NZ

Do you have any interesting photos from research or expeditions that you wish more people would see?

At its heart, DOSI has always been about harnessing the power of deep-sea expertise to support effective policy. But to make that possible, our work needs to be about communication, too. For science to influence the rules, we have to show why the deep ocean matters in the first place.

Pictures and videos are excellent at showing just how wonderful and diverse life in the deep is. As a global coalition of deep-sea experts who have had all manner of fascinating experiences, DOSI is uniquely prepared to share those resources with the public. For that reason, we recently launched our new Flickr page to showcase the most exciting images from our members’ expeditions.

If you would like to inspire more people with your work, we would be very grateful for the chance to share your favorite deep-sea visuals through DOSI’s Flickr and social media. Deep-sea creatures, technology, scientists going about their research—anything goes. All work that you share through us will be fully credited each time it is used so that everyone who sees your pictures can learn more about your research. To share your work, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Brandon Gertz at in an email including:

  • The deep-ocean-related images you would like to share with the public
  • Credit we should include with your pictures
  • Any description of the image or image set

As always, thank you for your support and for your dedication to deep ocean stewardship.