DOSI Policy Briefs and Information Sheets

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What Do Deep-Ocean Ecosystems Do for You?

Plastic Pollution in the Deep Ocean (English) (Español)

Latest Science on the Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining on Benthic and Pelagic Ecosystems and Fisheries

The Deep Ocean and BBNJ: Important Points for IGC-5

Climate Change and Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction


Diving through the Darkness: Species Information is Vital for Effective Marine Conservation (Senckenberg Policy Brief)

Improving Impact Assessments for Deep-Ocean Bottom Fisheries

Scientific Knowledge is Currently Insufficient for Effective Environmental Management of Deep-Seabed Mining

What Does the Deep Ocean Do For You?

Redefinición de la Influencia de los Ecosistemas Quimiosintéticos para su Gestión Ambiental Efectiva

The Deep Ocean and BBNJ: Important Points for IGC-4

Deep Ocean Climate Intervention Impacts: Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

Traceability of MGR in the New BBNJ Treaty


Deep Ocean Climate Intervention Impacts: Ocean Fertilization

Deep Ocean Climate Intervention Impacts: Macroalgal and Crop-Waste Deposition into Deep Water

Redefining the Influence of Chemosynthetic Ecosystems for Effective Management

The Necessity of Traditional Knowledge for Management of Deep-Seabed Mining


Intellectual Property Rights: Implications for Deep-Ocean Stewardship (BBNJ/MGR)

Digital Sequencing Information within the context of Marine Genetic Resources

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