Challenger 150 Webinar

Unveiling the Biodiversity and Functioning of Deep Arctic Ecosystems for a Sustainable Central Arctic Ocean
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There will be a Challenger 150 webinar during the first day of the Deep Central Arctic Ocean (DASCAO) workshop! Join experts Eva Ramirez-Llodra, Ana Hilário, and Stefan Bünz for a day of talks and discussion where natural scientists and governance experts are brought together to assess the latest knowledge on the composition, structure and processes of deep Arctic ecosystems. The goal of this event is to support the conservation and management of the Central Arctic Ocean.


Programme, 15 March 2023 (all times are in CET)

09:00    Welcome – Eva Ramirez-Llodra/REV Ocean, Norway

Session 1 – Abiotic settings of the deep CAO – Chair: Stefan Bünz

09:10    Status of Arctic Ocean bathymetry: Where are our main knowledge gaps? – Martin Jakobsson/Uni. Stockholm, Sweden

09:30    Contrasting geological realms along the ultraslow spreading Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge system – Vera Schlindwein/AWI, Germany

09:50    Physical Oceanography of the CAO – Paul Dodd/Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway

10:10    Arctic Ocean sea-ice changes – Sebastian Gerland/Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway

10:30    Coffee break (30 min)

Session 2 – Sediment ecology of the deep CAO – Chair: Giuliana Panieri

11:00    Biogeochemistry of the Arctic deep-sea sediments – Claudio Argentino/UiT, Norway

11:20    Microbial ecology of the deep Arctic Ocean – Christina Bienhold/AWI, Germany

11:40    Biogeochemistry of the Arctic deep-sea sediments – Emily Denny/UiB, Norway

12:00    Benthic meiofauna in the Arctic Ocean: current knowledge and future perspectives – Sofia Ramalho/Uni. Aveiro, Portugal

12:30    Lunch

Session 3 – Macro-biology of the deep CAO – Chair: Saskia Brix-Elsig

13:30    Is benthic biodiversity heterogeneous or homogeneous across the pan-Arctic deep sea? – Bodil Bluhm/UiT, Norway

13:50    Same same, but different – Fauna of the Aurora vent field and links to the southern AMOR – Mari Eilersten/UiB, Norway

14:10    Seamounts of the Central Arctic: Underexplored and diverse ecosystems – Autun Purser/AWI, Germany

14:30    Food webs of the Central Arctic Ocean: So little carbon, so much time – Paul Renaud/Akvaplan-niva, Norway

Session 4 – Governance of the deep CAO – Chair: Eva Ramirez-Llodra

14:50    The deep Arctic in international agreements – Maria Madalena Neves, NLOS/UiT


Once the event starts, you can join here.