Digital Depth Webinar

25 and 26 May 2023


On 25 and 26 May, Dr. Pei-Yuan Qian will host a webinar for researchers about opportunities to collaborate on the study of deep-ocean habitats. This webinar will feature input from DOSI, Challenger 150, and the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS).

The focus of this webinar is Digital Depth, a UN Ocean Decade proposal of the China Deep Ocean Affairs Administration. The main goals of Digital Depth are:

  1. To build a digital atlas of deep-sea habitats
  2. To develop and deploy state-of-the-art in-situ observation systems on more research cruises
  3. To develop habitat mapping and numerical simulation techniques that reveal cross-habitat connectivity at multiple scales
  4. To exchange knowledge and experience on deep-sea science and management

Dr Qian, a member of DOSI’s Advisory Board, is vice-chair of the Academic Committee for the Digital Depth proposal. The agenda for the  webinar includes:

  1. Introducing Digital Depth (Professor Jiabiao Li, Chair of the Digital Depth Academic Advisory Board)
  2. Introducing Challenger 150 and DOOS
  3. Opportunities for joint research cruises with Digital Depth
  4. Gathering ideas for Digital Depth’s scientific priorities
  5. Identifying opportunities for collaboration between Digital Depth, Challenger 150, DOOS, DOSI and other programs

This meeting will be held twice to support participants in different time zones. The times will be:

25 May 2023, 10am Beijing time (7pm PDT) for Asia-Pacific
26 May 2023, 9pm Beijing time (1pm GMT) for EU and the US East Coast

To participate in the webinar, please register below. A Zoom meeting link will be sent to registered participants.

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