DOSI Deep-Sea Round-Up

16 March 2023

Seeing stars? This blood comb jelly, appearing to drift through a night sky of detritus, was photographed by DOSI Communications Director Brandon Gertz during a visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Into the Deep exhibit. More deep-sea photos shared through DOSI can be found on our Flickr page. You can share your own amazing images through the Round-Up here.

This week’s Deep-Sea Round-Up features new squat lobster discoveries, functional fungi, bacteria-eating copepods, and more! We also share a link to watch parts of the 28th session of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) which is meeting again to discuss rules for deep-sea mining. There’s news from deep-ocean programs too, from Challenger 150’s African Network of Deep-Water Researchers to recordings of FathomNet’s second workshop on its open-source image database. Finally, scroll to the end to learn how Ocean Networks Canada’s Artist-In-Residence, Colin Malloy, uses deep-sea data to create music!



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