DOSI Deep-Sea Round-Up

17 August 2023

This squat lobster was seen during Dive 6 of the Océano Profundo 2018: Exploring Deep-sea Habitats off Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands expedition. Image courtesy of NOAA Ocean ExplorationMore deep-sea photos shared through DOSI can be found on our Flickr page. You can share your own amazing images through the Round-Up here.

This week’s Round-Up leads with a new paper on inequities in deep-sea exploration and research, based on the 2022 Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment. Recent studies have also focused on the deep-water impact of small scale fishing, climate forcing of deep-sea biodiversity, newly discovered corals, and spatial conflict possibilities related to deep-sea mining.

In the rest of this newsletter, we highlight an upcoming course on ocean governance, a chance to join the Ocean Science Census Network, and a new postdoc on the ecotoxological impacts of deep-sea mining. Finally, scroll to the end to learn about the art produced during a deep-ocean research cruise earlier this year!


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