DOSI Deep-Sea Round-Up

27 July 2023

This larvacean mucus house was spotted during the first water column exploration transect of Dive 01 of the Seascape Alaska 3 expedition. Image courtesy of NOAA Ocean ExplorationMore deep-sea photos shared through DOSI can be found on our Flickr page. You can share your own amazing images through the Round-Up here.

This week’s Round-Up features new research on regional differences in Clarion-Clipperton Zone fauna, plastic pollution in deep-sea trenches, monitoring of ecological recovery, and the rate of ocean species discovery. We’re also sharing updates on negotiations at the International Seabed Authority and a job opening for a Marine Evidence Manager to share environmental knowledge on deep-sea mining with the government of the United Kingdom. Finally, scroll to the end to read about the work of Dr María Emilia Bravo, who recently became the first person from Argentina to dive aboard the submersible Alvin.


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