DOSI Deep-Sea Round-Up

29 June 2023

This octopus was observed slowly making its way across the seafloor at a depth of 2,530 m during Dive 06 of the 2023 Shakedown + EXPRESS West Coast Exploration expedition off the coast of Oregon. Image courtesy of NOAA Ocean ExplorationMore deep-sea photos shared through DOSI can be found on our Flickr page. You can share your own amazing images through the Round-Up here.

Welcome back to the Deep-Sea Round-Up! This week’s issue features new research on cephalopod feeding behavior, brittle star regions, and more. We also include a link to the annual Secretary-General Report of the International Seabed Authority.

Make sure to check the Opportunities section: Monterey Bay Aquarium is Director of Science, U.S. & California Ocean Conservation, and the application deadline for a Science Coordinator position with the Ocean Census closes tomorrow. Finally, scroll to the end for a chance to help test FathomVerse, a game being developed as part of the Ocean Vision AI project.


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