DOSI Deep-Sea Round-Up

3 August 2023

This snailfish was seen resting on a closed anemone at 758 m depth during Dive 07 of the Seascape Alaska 3 expedition. Image courtesy of NOAA Ocean Exploration. More deep-sea photos shared through DOSI can be found on our Flickr page. You can share your own amazing images through the Round-Up here.

Welcome to this week’s Round-Up! Today’s issue introduces Bernadette Butfield, our new Digital Officer. We’re also featuring research on carbon transport, deep-sea polychaetes, and the evolution of ultra-black camouflage in deep-sea eels. Next Thursday is the deadline for Deep-Sea Life submissions, so make sure to share all your important news from the last six months. Finally, scroll to the end to relax with a new video on the ocean twilight zone from Natural World Facts and Schmidt Ocean Institute.


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