New Marine Genetic Resources Co-Lead

Muriel Rabone joins WG leadership team at critical time for global discussions on MGR issues
Muriel Rabone, DOSI, Marine Genetic Resources

May 2020. We are thrilled to announced that Muriel Rabone will be joining the WG leadership team at this critical time for global discussions on MGR issues. Originally from New Zealand, Muriel began her career in environmental monitoring for geological and ecological consultancies. Muriel has been based at NHM London since 2011 where she curates the museum’s schistosomiasis collections (SCAN), and works with the NHM Deep Sea Ecology and Systematics group. Her science interests include: spatial ecology of the neglected tropical diseases schistosomasis and African paragonimiasis; deep-sea invertebrate systematics and biogeography; and biodiversity informatics.