DOSI at the First Part of the 26th ISA Session

DOSI informs deep-sea policy through independent science
DOSI at the 26th ISA Session

DOSI Delegation at the first half of 26th Council Session (L-R): Saskia Brix, Sergio Cambronero, Anna Metaxas, Diva Amon, Maila Guilhon

Five DOSI members attended the first half of the 26th International Seabed Authority (ISA) Council Session in Kingston, Jamaica, in February 2020. At the Annual Sessions representatives from member States of the Authority meet, discuss and formulate the work of the International Seabed Authority and its Secretariat, with a primary focus on the regulation of deep seabed mining. DOSI’s objectives during this session were to promote the environment and marine scientific research as key foci, and advocate for the inclusion of key science-based environmental issues in the Draft Exploitation Regulations.

While progress was slow during this Council Session, due in part to changes in presidency, absences from COVID-19 and issues regarding the election of Legal & Technical Council (LTC) members, DOSI was able to successfully pursue key objectives. These were achieved by delivering four interventions conveying important scientific and technical input to the Draft Exploitation Regulations, hosting a side-event on the importance of biodiversity and connectivity to the management of deep-seabed mining, and disseminating a DOSI policy brief “Ecological Connectivity: Implications for Ocean Governanceto delegates. Furthermore, DOSI members attended all side events, ensuring an active dialogue for science and the environment.

Dr Diva Amon delivers an intervention

Deep-Ocean Stewardship intervening at ISA meeting

Maila Guilhon delivers an intervention



Despite a busy Session agenda, 78 stakeholders from a range of groups attended the DOSI side-event – the “Importance of biological diversity and connectivity to deep-seabed mining management” – with Saskia Brix, Anna Metaxas and Sabine Gollner delivering presentations and fielding questions. The event was commended by the Secretariat with follow-up engagement requested.

DOSI side-event flyer

DOSI side-event on ecological connectivity at the International Seabed Authority

The audience at the DOSI side event.

Additionally, DOSI members Sabine Gollner, Sergio Cambronero, and Maila Guilhon delivered talks in a pre-session event to GRULAC members, focused on deep-ocean habitats currently leased for exploration and the submissions on Regional Environmental Management Plans (REMPs) made by Germany and the Netherlands.

Thank you to JM Kaplan and Benioff Ocean Initiative for funding DOSI’s attendance and participation at this event, allowing us to continue informing policy with science and advise on the sustainable governance and use of deep-ocean ecosystems and resources.

DOSI policy brief example

DOSI Policy Brief on Ecological Connectivity submitted to ISA

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