Deep-Sea Life Issue 21

The 21st issue of Deep-Sea Life, a combined effort of DOSI and the Deep-Sea Biology Society, is now available! This publication, released twice a year, highlights the top stories in deep-ocean science and policy from the past six months.

In this issue, you’ll find inside perspectives on methane seeps off Southern California, multiple investigations in the Gulf of Mexico, Northeast Pacific seamounts, northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge vents, and remote Pacific Island seamounts. Read the latest news on the High Seas Treaty and learn about Ecocide law and the ocean and enjoy the beautiful story and poetry provided by our colleagues in the It’s Your Opinion section. Get involved with the opportunities and wanted sections too and make new connections with colleagues who inspire you in this issue. And of course, important Deep-Sea Biology Society News awaits at the end. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

Read Deep-Sea Life issue 21 (August 2023)